Recalling “The Crow”

Out of the blue tonight, maybe because it’s Friday the 13th, I decided to watch “The Crow,” the film from 1994 in which Brandon Lee died.
The film came out just a few years after I left high school and even back then, I was amazed at how haunting it was.
The sadness in the film is certainly unsettling. It’s not just because of Lee’s death, but because of the way it’s put together.
The film exudes a cold, clammy and empty feeling. Its sadness is almost overwhelming. Its atmosphere is wrenching.
The power of the central story holds true, even though it offers a funny bit here and a great action sequence there.
In the end, it’s a ghost story. The story of revenge from beyond the grave.
Yes, even after all these years, it’s still that haunting.
Likewise, the movie also reminds me of a time in my life. A time I was growing up. The soundtrack itself brings back so many memories. It’s an intense snapshot of the goth rock scene. It’s one I’ll have to throw in my CD player sometime. Boy, that’s one hell of a great soundtrack.
Of course watching it also makes me lament the loss of Brandon Lee. The guy certainly had some charisma and talent. It would have been amazing to see what would have happened if things didn’t turn out the way the did. It makes me sad to think about what kind of impact he might have had on Hollywood. Maybe he would have ended up a drug-addled has been, but maybe he would have become one of Hollywood’s elite.
What ever the answer, I wish we could have found out. He went too soon.


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