Screeching to a grinding halt

Updates have slowed on this here at Comics on the Brain. Sorry about that, folks.

I’ve been writing a lot at work, links to which you can see in any of my Pop Quiz Hotshot (PQH)
links. In fact, for the last month, I’ve averaged four a week over
there. A decent amount if you ask me. I urge you to go take a look.

At the same time, I’m working on a new RPG publishing venture that’s eating up more of my free time. Once the
first advertisements go up for it, I’ll be able to discuss a little
more on the fact.

And then at home, I’m busy finishing off my attic, where all my comics
are stored, so that it will be a little more climate controlled and
useable as a work room all year long.

As for this site, keep on checking back — or just subscribe to it —
because I’m also constantly loading back entries into the mix here.

Since I went online, I’ve been a writer, commentator, reviewer and
forum poster all over the place,  so I’ve been searching through
that old stuff, and print-only works I have, and posting it right here.
All that backlog of stuff makes it especially good to be a subscriber
since you get every thing I post, not just the most recent entries when
you check Comics on the Brain

All in all, I’d say it will eventually make a fairly complete record of my writing career.


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