Archie McPhee loves Ninjas!

Originally published on 3/21/2007 at Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

With Ninja Week 2007 barreling along at full force, it gives PQH! the opportunity to talk about one of the premiere novelty item retailers in the world — none other than Archie McPhee.

Who’s Archie McPhee? Well, you can read about him here, but suffice it to say he was a world traveler. These travels took him to the Orient, where we at PQH!  hypothesize that he stopped in Japan and was bitten by the Ninja-loving bug. According to the site (and PQH!’s own interpretation of events), his great nephew-in-law started selling rubber snakes from his house, got enough money to open a store, wisely named it after his great uncle-in-law and now sells goofy Ninja items.

It’s amazing the impact that Ninjas have, isn’t it?

Aside from the bevy of Ninja items available for purchase, the store features a wide variety of similar items. Obviously these items are far less cool than any Ninja-themed item, but we’ll take a Remote Control Wind-Up Hopping and Yodelling Lederhosen whenever we can get one.

The site even has categories for pirates, cowboys and zombies, all of whom are known to be the enemies of Ninjas.

Along with those items, be sure to check in on the Ceramic Smoking Baby, Bacon and Eggs Bandages, groaning monkey balls and the ever-popular Jesus Christ action figure.

And after you buy all that stuff, don’t forget to load up on Ninja stuff too. It’s your duty, my fellow Ninjaphile.


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