Special request … from me to WotC

Wizards of the Coast, publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons game, also has a supplementary game called D&D Miniatures. This skirmish game has the benefit of a dual use — miniatures made for it can be used for the regular D&D game too.
So far their are hundreds of figures. Here’s a list I submitted to the WotC message boards of few others that I’d like to see the company make:

Quoted from my message board post…
Orc Shot Put Thrower — This weapon showed up in Arms & Equipment, and I’d love to subject my foe to a rain of iron balls!
Halfling Stonethrower — Make this guy a low-point common. What’s he armed with? A pile of rocks. Just wanted another thematically appropriate halfling!
Tanglefoot Specialist — A character, maybe a gnome, laden with tanglefoot bags. He’d be a breeze to add in mechanically, plus the peasant-like mini would be great for RPGing too.
Angry Peasant Swarm — We’ve got rat swarms, why not a peasant swarm? Complete with pitch-forks, torches and fists in the air. This would obviously be on a big base.
<IMG hspace=10 src="/images/32905-30753/Large_Brass_Dragon.jpg” width=200 align=left vspace=10>Apparatus of Kwalish — Steampunk comes alive with gnomish ingenuity! This mini could even have gnomes popping out from a porthole or something.
Seige Weapons — A small group of humanoids manning a balista or catapult would be awesome. Even better, you just swap out humanoids of different aligns for each squad type!
Uldra — This is a new race from Frostburn that I like a lot. I request this for no other reason than that.

Apocalypse Frog Swarm — A perfect swarm for the Good side.
Equipment-laden Mule — What powers would this have? Maybe it could help one mini recharge a spell or special attack. Plus, it would be a must-have for most RPGers.
Warhorse — An unmounted, but saddled and barded Warhorse to aid Paladin minis. He could command it or something.
Warpony — An umounted, but saddled and barded pony for the same reason as the Warhorse.

Fensir Male — These troll-like beasts from Fiend Folio have a great look.
Fensir Female — Even cooler than the male, these monsters are enormous and devour everything in sight. Perfect odd-ball Huge-sized mini.
Kobold with Thunderstick — Essentially, it’s a kobold with a stick of dynamite. Awesome!
Kobold Squad with net — Another gang-mini idea. Plus it suits their trap-setting nature!
Loxo — Barbaric elephant men from MM2. Weapons in their hands and trunks.
Spriggan Small — Goblin like beasts from the Fiend Folio with growth abilities.
Spriggan Large — The big-sized version of the Small Spriggan. Maybe these two could switch places on the battle mat.
Yak Folk — There’s a lot of hate for MM2’s Yak Folk, but they sure look cool. I especially like their oriental flavor.

Hydra — Why haven’t you made one yet?
Kraken Tentacles — Not the whole Kraken, just its tentacles. They have land speed, don’t they?
Moondog — One of my favorite original MM2 monsters. Now found in the Book of Exalted Deeds, they help fill out the ranks of Good monsters!
Spirit of the Air — Creepy and weird flying monkeys. Nuff said.
Urskan — Quite simply: The Frostburn illustration of these guys make them mini-worth!
Will O Wisp Swarm — A single will would be a little lame, but a whole bunch would be neat and it would give RPGers a mini of a Monster Manual beasty.

How about a scenario featuring minis based on the Endless Quest books like Mountain of Mirrors, Dungeon of Dread and the rest?

Will they heed my advice? Let’s wait and find out!


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