Run, Skeletor, run!

Just about every Masters of the Universe minicomic ends the same way: Skeletor and his flunkies bolting away from a triumphant He-man.

It seems strange that a guy who can carve open dimensional portals,
animate plants and freeze people into statues would have a little time
to prepare some proper transportation.
Yep, it’s sad to see this would-be conquerer scrambling into the barrens of Eternia just about everytime Prince Adam shows up.
Such is the case — again — in this image from “Double-Edged Sword,” a minicomic
originally packed with Kobra Khan, who barely shows up in the issue.
Sure, Skeletor’s hasty exits help preserve his hide for another fight,
but come on, there’s no need for such cowardly behavior, even for a

Anyway, here’s what has to say about the issue. It’s a short description because, to be frank, it’s one heckuva boring issue:

The Double Edged Sword

A young man wants to become part of the royal guard. Skeletor kidnaps him. He-Man rescues him using teamwork with Ram-Man. The young man learns a valuable lesson.


1984, Series 3.

Packaged with Kobra Khan.


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