China isn’t taking any spit

Originally posted at Pop Quiz, Hotshot blog at The York Dispatch on Feb. 8, 2007 …

It seems that the Chinese have issues with spitting … MAJOR issues with spitting.Their spitting problem has reached such epidemic proportions you can be fined for it.

Yep, Beijing is so flustered by all this expectoration that if a saliva-filled resident gets caught spitting it will cost ‘em 50 yuan. And 50 yuan, which comes to about six-and-a-half bucks, is just about the average daily income of a college graduate in Beijing, The Associated Press reports.

A hefty fine for hocking a goober, indeed.

The thing is, China has been upset about this for years. You don’t believe me? Check out all these articles:

China issues ’spit bags’

China wants to teach manners

Travel writer finds out why Chinese men spit so much (but she doesn’t tell us)

China’s iconographic “No Spitting” signs

And there’s more. Lot’s more. Just go Google “china spitting” and you’ll see.

So, to all you Chinese fans of PQH!, let’s knock this spit off.


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