“Manhunter” Volume 1

“Manhunter” Volume 1 from DC comics tells the story of a fed up federal prosecutor. When things go bad on a case that ought to have been a breeze, Kate Spencer decides its time to take the law into her own hands.
She busts into the bureau’s evidence room and takes her pick of a the best super-gadgets around and becomes the Manhunter, Los Angeles’ answer to Batman.
The only difference is that she isn’t even as nice as Batman. She
doesn’t believe in the criminal justice system anymore. She serves as
judge, jury and executioner.
In the first trade paperback volume, which covers issues 1-5 of the
series, she finds herself face to face with Copperhead, Shadow Thief
and the Justice League.
Sounds like a pretty typical set-up so far … huh?
Well, what’s different about Manhunter, as described by writer Marc Andreyko
in the forward, is that Kate Spencer isn’t your typical heroine: She
has got a thong on. She doesn’t have a chest that makes porn stars cry.
Heck, she even smokes, is divorced and is positively rotten to her
young son.
In other words, she’s a lot more like you and me than, say Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent.
Andreyko is helped along with the gritty art by Jesus Saiz and inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.
It’s that combination of gritty art and a street-level story that makes “Manhunter” a worth addition to any bookshelf.

DC Comics
Story by: Marc Andreyko
Art by: Jesus Saiz and Jimmy Palmiotti
ISBN: 1-4012-0728-6
Three-and-a-half stars out of Four (Grim and gritty with an odd touch of domestic life)


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