Holy socks, what a maroon! Send him to the boobie hatch!

The other day, a friend mentioned how his son — who I’d bet is 10 years younger than me — was rolling on the floor laughing at the phrase “boobie hatch.”
His son had never heard the phrase. He had know idea what it meant.
Of course, I did. It’s certainly not part of my every day vocabulary, but it’s not completely foreign to me.
Despite me not using the phrase “boobie hatch” all that often, I have, over the years, realized that I speak in a decades out-of-date slang.
For that, I blame my love of vintage comic books, old TV shows and Looney Tunes.
From “whatta maroon!” to “Jeepers!”, these kind of phrases have stuck with me. 
I find myself peppering my conversations with these antiquated phrases.
Some people think it’s strange, but I don’t care too much — I like it. It’s part of the fun of being alive. It’s part of what separates me from everyone else.
These sayings  — they’re bombastic. They’re over the top. They’re goofy — and if I wasn’t allowed to have that kind of fun I’d probably end up in the boobie hatch myself.


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