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After five weeks of steering clear of the comic shops, I finally got a chance — and the money — to pick up some new comics. The majority of the purchase was nabbing the issues of the few series that i’ve really been loving — 52, Firestorm, Beyond! and Justice League Unlimited.
I also picked up the latest issue of Marvel Universe (to keep up with that universe) and Invincible Universe (to learn more about that universe}.
But other than that, there wasn’t much I was interested in.
I only picked up … and then put down … two books — Wonder Man from Marvel and Connor Hawke from DC. That’s not a great track record for the big two.
I expected to spend a boatload of cash, but came away spending just under $30.
They’re getting my money, sure, but not a whol lot of it. I suppose that’s a good thing for me, but those guys really aren’t trying too hard to get more of it.
Am I missing something great? Probably, but I’m reluctant to try books that used to be my favorites. I’ve been burned too many times to care anymore. (Read: Burned by Marvel)
Until I stumble on some more books that I can invest my time in, I guess I’ll just stick to those few titles — and lots of back issues.


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