Shut your stinking Trap Jaw

In the “Menace of Trap Jaw,” the interdimensional cyborg proves to be so tough that He-Man and Skeletor have to join forces to defeat him.
How do they do it? Well, they merge He-Man’s grey sword with Skeletor’s purple sword. When combined in such a manner, the two artifacts formed the “Power Sword,” a weapon of incalculable … uhm … power.
What’s neat about this little effort is that in the toys, you could do the same. In one of the swords, there was grove on it’s flat side. In the other, a little ridge stuck out.
When you matched the groove and the ridge together, you got a power sword.
When I was a dumb kid, I never would have known to do this. It took one of their minicomics to set me straight.
Thanks, minicomic guys!

Here’s what has to say about “The Menace of Trap Jaw”:
Skeletor travels to another dimension and brings the otherworldly criminal Trap Jaw, who’s busy running from the law, back with him by accident. Trap Jaw somehow lands inside Grayskull and manages to harness its power. He whoops up on He-Man and Skeletor until they team up and cut his link to the castle. Trap Jaw joins Skeletor since he can’t defeat He-Man on his own and they (of course) run away.
1983, Series 2.
Packaged with Trap Jaw and Mekaneck.


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