Justice Society of America No. 1

Early last year, “JSA,” one of the best superhero comics published in years, came to an end. DC Comics was at the end of “Infinite Crisis” and at the beginning of “52,” and I guess it just seemed to be a good time to shut down titles. “JSA” was one. “JLA” was another.
“JLA” came back a few months back as “Justice League of America,” and this month, “JSA” comes back as “Justice Society of America.”
Truth be told, this new incarnation isn’t all that different from the old.
We’ve got a lot of the old characters.
We’ve got the same set pieces.
And really, that’s not anything to whine about.
In issue No. 1, we get to see the Justice Society’s renewed purpose — team-building and creating a family atmosphere for heroes to rely on.
To start this revived team back up, they add a few new members — namely Damage, Liberty Belle, Starman and the original Red Tornado’s grand-daughter. (Liberty Belle, Damage and Hourman are shown above)
The new issue is written by Geoff Johns, the man who made “JSA” the great book it was.
In fact, this early in the game, you might as well say it’s the same old “JSA” with a new title.
Not that I’m complaining, but what was the point? My bet —  To deprive us fans of their “JSA” for a few months earlier this year.
So, all I can say is “Good Job, JSAers, what took you so long getting back?”


DC Comics
Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Dale Eaglesham
Four Stars out of Four (No big change and no big change needed.)



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