An eye on “Speed Racer”

Yesterday, I was talking about the character I’m working on: Electron

Character No. 3:  For years now, I’ve been building up a group of characters  I can use in my own superhero comics.  My primary character is a fellow named Electron. Well after all this time  ( since fifth grade) of ignoring my initial design for the character, I tried it out again and really liked it. The big rediscovery? His eye-wear should look more like a set of bug-eyed welder’s goggles, not like a set of ski goggles.

It was sometime this morning that I realized that the best comparison between the two eyewear styles would be between Speed Racer and his brother, Racer X.
As you see, Speed has big, thick goggles that give a  total wraparound. X has a smaller set. Electron’s eyewear is more like X’s.
The reason I even remembered the two characters’ selection of ocular protection was that I recently got a chance to catch a few “Speed Racer” episodes. I never saw the series as a kid and only recently became acquainted with it as an adult.
What impresses me about it most — well, besides the cool cars — is that it shows that you can write interesting stories about anything.
I mean really, who would have thought stories about a effeminate guy driving a car would be so much fun?
More importantly is that there are so many interesting stories that can be written about a guy like that.

It’s that fact that makes me glad to be a writer. There are plenty of stories out there already, and plenty more to tell.


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