There’s always time for art

We’ve been busy today. Zipping around to stores. Swimming at the YMCA. Wrapping Christmas presents (for distribution on Thanksgiving). Going for a nice evening walk.
But I’m glad to say I still had time to draw today.
I finished up the “Dungeons & Dragons” troll shown above — I call him the ‘Fro Troll. I also had time to work on a few superhero costume designs that have been bouncing around in my head for a while. (Yeah, I know he’s missing an arm — I ran out of paper!)

Character No. 1:  I had been trying to create a costume for months now for a fellow named Worker Bee. I finally shook a design out of my head thatworks.  If you’re a “Mutants & Masterminds” player, I built stats for Worker Bee in this entry:

Character No. 2 My daughter has a bag of action figures she always plays with. One of them is a character from the movie “Treasure Planet.” I don’t know what the character’s real name is, but we call her Captain Fox. Well, with that name and vague character design in mind, I redrew the action figure to make an official Captain Fox. I can’t wait to show her!

Character No. 3:  For years now, I’ve been building up a group of characters  I can use in my own superhero comics.  My primary character is a fellow named Electron. Well after all this time  ( since fifth grade) of ignoring my initial design for the character, I tried it out again and really liked it. The big rediscovery? His eye-wear should look more like a set of bug-eyed welder’s goggles, not like a set of ski goggles.

… All in all, a productive day!


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