Happy Birthday, Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics sent me a cookie that trumpets the company’s 20th anniversary.

So, while this cookie digests, I’ll write about Dark Horse …

For the most part, I love Dark Horse. They give me Usagi Yojimbo trades. They’ve nursed my addiction to all-things Star Wars. They’ve shown me the horrors of Aliens and Predators. They’ve offered glorious takes on Tarzan. And with Dark Horse, I’ve seen one sexy Ghost.

To celebrate their 20th year, the company is offering a pleasantly inexpensive offering: Dark Horse 20 Years. At 25-cents, it’s a steal because rather than using this premium to tease the buyer into spending more money on Dark Horse products, the company gives us a 20-page book full of fantastic pin-ups by fantastic artists.

Some are strange — namely Tony Millionaire’s bug-eyed version of Tarzan — but many are downright awesome: Hellboy by Hughes, Ghost by Art Adams, The Goon by Matt Wagner, Grendel by Jason Alexander.

So happy birthday, DH!

(And send more cookies!)




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