E-Man Recharged No. 1 (October 2006)

I’ve never read an E-Man comic before, but I do read a lot about comic-book history, and E-Man is one of the titles that pops up all the time when people are fondly remembering comic books of the 1970s.
At the same time, I’m also a fan of Charlton Comics characters , and since E-Man first debuted in a Charlton Comic, my curiosity was aroused when I heard a new E-Man one-shot was coming out.
“E-Man Recharged” No. 1 wasn’t a let down either. From start to finish, it was a solid book that harkens back to a time when comic-book characters were adventurers and not oppressed and sullen introverts with fluid morality.
As described in the forward of the comic, E-Man is a lot like Plastic Man. He can shape his body into what ever he wants it to be. Unlike Plastic Man, it’s because he’s not really a person, but a bundle of sentient energy.
Interestingly enough, artist Joe Staton went to work on Plastic Man in DC’s “Adventure Comics” in the 1970s. His work there certainly mirrors the skill he shows today in E-Man Recharged.
Staton’s art  isn’t as intricate as today’s popular artists, but it has a clarity of action and emotion that many “fancy” artists can’t match. If I had to pick between the two, I’d go with Staton’s work.
The story is fun and exciting as E-Man and his girlfriend, Nova, come up against a new foe with sinister plans.
That’s just the framework for the story, though.
The real fun is Nick Cuti’s funny dialogue that works perfectly with Staton’s art.


 Digital Webbing
 Written by: Nick Cuti
Art by: Joe Staton

Four out of Four Stars (True old school comic book adventure with just enough spice for older readers to enjoy.)



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