Comics: Election Day fun with “Mad”

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Well, Election Day 2006 is almost upon us.  A big day for George W. Bush, I suppose. Not that he’s running, but his party seems to be suffering the effects of his decisions.
As if to capitalize on this occasion, the Usual Gang of Idiots at “Mad” magazine offer up their usual brand of idiocy.
That’s not to say “Mad” No. 471 is stupid. Nope, it’s just the same old stuff you expect from “Mad.”
“Mad” has changed over the years since I last read it in 1995 (Thanks, Lisa!). It’s got color and all that jazz. It’s got a few new features.
As usual, it’s got some funny cartoons and it’s got some head scratchers. That’s the gamble you take with this magazine.
Fitting with its cover subject, it has a few articles that take jabs at politcos and the process.
But other than a few topical remarks, this book could have been published 10  or 20 years ago and no one would have blinked an eye.
Again, I’m not saying that’s bad. It’s just “Mad”  for you.  A little bit new. Not to much different. Nothing awful and nothing positively stellar.
So, if you’re looking for juvenile humor with a political spin, this month’s “Mad” is just what you’re after.

MAD No. 471 (Nov. 2006)
$3.99 (Cheap!)
 E.C. Publications/DC Comics
Produced by: The Usual Gang of Idiots
Two-and-A-Half  stars out of Four (It’s the same old “Mad,” so if you like it, buy it.)


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