Don Bluth Presents Dragon’s Lair No. 1

I came across the most recent “Dragon’s Lair” comic while at my local comic store, looking just a little bit beyond the typical superhero stuff that I gravitate toward.

I love the “Dragon’s Lair” franchise. I used to play the video game
when it first came out. I even (vaguely) remember the animated series.

It’s only been recently that Dragon’s Lair comics have started showing up.

Most have been mediocre at best. The same goes for the “Space Ace” comics that I’ve found.

But this issue is different.

<IMG src="/images/32905-30753/dragonslair.JPG” align=right vspace=10 hspace=10 width=300>

This is a mega-issue collection of three issues of the regular series for a very affordable $4.99.

The comic is illustrated in a style that perfectly apes American-style animation and the story itself is action-packed as Dirk the Daring goes on a quest to save his kidnapped love, Daphne. Along the way, he encounters hydra snakes, lizardmen, skeletons and zombies.

And of course, there’s the dragon too.

Overall, the story is exciting, but thus far nothing too compelling. I
enjoyed it and all, but I’m not salivating for the next issue.

The one thing I am salivating over is Fabio Languna‘s  art. He captures the Don Bluth feel with ease and his pages are filled with action and emotion.

The only thing I find odd about this book is that there’s no indication
of when it was published. I can only guess that it came out sometime
this summer because there’s an advertisement for another, non-Dragon’s
Lair comic that says its due out in August. Which August is unclear,
but I think my comic store moves stuff fast enough that it wouldn’t
have something on the shelves since last August.

Incidently, the comic is clean enough and simple enough that it could
be given to kids. Some of the women are dressed a bit skimpy, but they
aren’t too bad.

$4.99 (A GREAT bargain for three regular-length comic stories)

Written by: Andy Mangles
Art by: Fabio Languna 
Three Stars out of Four (Great for kids, but not a lot to keep an adult coming back.)


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