Comics: Halloween giveaways

I just went out and picked up the pieces to my 2-year-old daughter’s Halloween costume. She’s been proudly proclaiming she’s going to be a “buddervie”  (that’s a butterfly to you and me) to everyone who asks her.
Last year she was  a  fairy princess. If it weren’t for her mother’s quick intervention, she would have been fairy-fireman princess. That definitely would have gotten a few questions.
Anyway, from the Halloween costume store, we zipped across the highway to Comic Store West where I picked up my giveaways for Trick-or-Treaters … comic books!
Yep, most years comic-book publishers like Gemstone, Marvel and Archie offer tiny comics  to give away around Halloween.
This year I got about 100 books for $12, one set was of Donald Duck comics, the other was  of The  Avengers.
Not only are they a great deal, but kids tend to really appreciate them. I will sometimes get foul looks from the older kids, but hey, too bad for them — they shouldn’t be trick-or-treating!
So, what are you planning to give out? Do you even bother?



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