Halloween coloring pages and Shrinky Dinks

Every year through the month of October, my main website, ComicsOnTheBrain.com  gets a ton of hits.
The reason being is because of this page: https://www.comicsonthebrain.com/columns/cotb/cotb021003.html, which is headlined “Halloween Horrors Shrink Before Your Eyes.”
Back when I was writing regularly for the York Sunday News, I hatched an idea for a project kids could do for Halloween.
My plan was simple. I’d spend some time drawing cute and cartoony  creatures (one of which is seen above) and the newspaper loaded them on to its Web site for people to download, print and color.
Kids could then stick them on their windows to make neat little “Halloween Villages” on paper.  The main gist of the story was to use Shrinky Dink paper (really it’s not “paper” but “Shrinky Dink Plastic”) for the project, but any paper would certainly do.
Back then, the project wasn’t too much of a hit. The web was kind of new and people were still reluctant to mess around with it too much.
But for my web site, it’s been a constant draw. It’s actually the second-most “hit” page on my web site — after my index page. Why? Because people are always looking for something for their kids to do.
It also gets some hits because many folks are wondering if you can run Shrinky Dink paper through photocopiers and inkjet printers.
Anyway, if you’ve got some kids, or enjoy coloring yourself, go take a peek at the story, download some of the images  and have some fun!


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