Beating back the “to-read” pile

Just like some people I know with their mounting DVD collections, full of extra features, bonus disks and special insert photo cards, I have a huge pile of comics that I need to read. This pile is at least 100 individual issues and probably a dozen trade paperbacks.

Some of the comics in the “to-read” pile are positively “ancient” new releases. Some are just a few weeks old. Others are comics that I bought as actual back issues.

What’s most surprising about my “to-read” pile is that in some instances, I’ve picked up a half-dozen issues of a comic book that I’ve never read — but I hope to. Aside from simply hoping to read these comics, I also hope that they are actually something that’s actually enjoyable.

In truth, it’s probably a bad strategy on my part. Simply blindly investing in a comic book at $3 and $4 a shot and hoping that I’ll actually like it.

Marvel’s current series, “Ms.Marvel,” is one of those books that I’ve been buying on faith alone. I don’t read “New Avengers,” where she stars. I don’t even know who writes it or draws it. I’m buying it because I’ve liked Ms. Marvel in her previous stints as a solo hero and on the Avengers team.

But this series? Who knows. I guess I better get’em out and read, huh?


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