Wowio offers free comics

Check this site out …
The site offers comics for free on the Internet as a PDF.
The only catch is that you, the consumer  has to give up a
heap  of personal info and be willing to be exposed to plenty of
advertising. According to the site, each PDF distributed to you has
special code built in that identifies you, the consumer,  as the
person who received the document. I’m guessing this is to prevent file
Mostly, Wowio’s  comics are from Alias (Tenth Muse, Judo Girl,
etc.) and just a few months out of date, but when we’re talking about
company’s like Alias, there’s no real buzz that makes you say 
“gotta read this  the second it hits the shelf.”
All in all, it’s, kind of interesting.
For me, Wowio is actually a local company,  so I might give it a
try. When I do, I’ll report back here on the quality and any other
interesting details.
Aside from comics, they’ve also grabbed a whole bunch of public domain
books (and a few newer ones too) to enhance their catalog.


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