GM Mastery: Holiday Essentials

Johnn Four, writer of the wonderful role-playing game e-book “NPC Essentials” and ocassional columnist for “Dragon” magazine, has just come out with a new product in his line.

This new e-book, called “Holiday Essentials*,” focuses on how holidays can be used as a backdrop to role-playing game adventures. It includes tips on creating holiday moods, contests and even building new holidays all together.

I can see it now, my cleric will soon be celebrating Festivus!

If you look at the inside title page, you’ll see that your Comics On The Brain blogger is listed as a co-author. Let me say that this baby is all Johnn’s work — great work at that. The reason for the co-authoring credit is that Johnn and I have been working on a whole other project together for years, and Johnn was nice enough to give me a byline because some of my writing on that project has inspired his work on “Holiday Essentials.”  (That and the fact that I offered to help him a little bit on this project — but never delivered the goods since I was in the process of moving to a new house. )

But Johnn didn’t care. He wanted me to be a part of this too. So thanks, Johnn, you’re a very generous fellow.

And just so you know, our first real team project will be coming soon from RPGObjects. Just wait a little bit, and I promise you’ll be impressed. Until then, I urge you to snap up a copy of “Holiday Essentials” by ordering it here:

* Actually, I think the full title is “GM Mastery — Book Two — Adventure Essentials: Holidays” but for the sake of brevity, I’m not going to repeat it eight times.


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