Son of Vulcan – Part 8 – The robot menaces!

Thanks to the likes of Dr. Kong, the Son of Vulcan was frequently in battle with robots. None was so intriguing as Kong’s own manservant-bot, a thing he dubbed Adam Klink.

Described as “a robot with perhaps too many tubes, wires, and transistors crowded into a human-sized metallic shell,” the block-headed Klink is shown to be a clumsy and meek droid.

Still, it manages to help Kong keep his master plan a secret. But to do so, Kong needs to shut down the filming of a movie about the Trojan War. Why does Kong care about a silly action-adventure movie? Because the movie company is filming on land right on top of his secret underground lair.

And just his luck, Son of Vulcan is hanging out with the film crew!

In order to lure Sonny away from the project, Adam Klink kidnaps the star of the film and carries her off to the secret lair. As expected, Johnny Mann follows and, with a bonk to the head from Klink, he gets captured.

Knowing that Mann is in fact Son of Vulcan, Kong gags Mann and ventures out to execute his plan for world domination: He’s going to animate all the famous statues and monuments of the world and use their might to take over the world.

How’s he going to do this? Well he invented a special ray that animates inanimate objects.

Yep, just like the plot in “Ghostbusters 2″ minus the slime, but gosh darn it, “Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds No. 50″ did it first!

Adam’s time on the world isn’t long, though, as Mann wriggles free of his gag, changes into SoV and smashes Adam Klink to bits.

The rest of the comic deals with Sonny battling an animated Trojan horse and an animated tidal wave.

With our hero’s help, the movie is completed, but with one important change — Son of Vulcan is in recruited to be the star of the picture. Yep, Son of Vulcan is one-half a superhero and one-half matinee idol.

Boy, I wonder if he ever got to make his hand-print in cement outside of Mann’s Chinese Theater?


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