Lazer Tag flashbacks

September 16, 2006 0

I just spent most of the day rummaging through a huge filing cabinet of “paper things” that I’ve saved over the years.
Among these ” things” I had saved were old newspaper clippings, creative writing projects, ideas for stories, old college papers and posters — and part of my poster cache were these huge “blueprints” for Lazer Tag StarLyte guns and its associated equipment. The blueprints aren’t the real technical schematics for the toys, but instead a usage guide for playing Lazer Tag.

A Hairstyle Trapped in Time

September 16, 2006 0

One thing I’ve noticed in a lot of pulp covers, from way back then through the 1980s and then into today is that illustrators sometimes find themselves creating images that are “stuck” in the time of their creation.