Revere No. 1

“Revere” tells the tale of a sinister invasion on Colonial America. No, not by the Red Coats, but by Werewolves. Riding to America’s rescue is none other than silversmith and professional monster hunter Paul Revere.
Ya get it? He’s a silversmith, and he hunts monsters? And Werewolves have a nasty dislike for silver. Get it? Get it? Because he’s got access to silver, Paul Revere fights monsters.
Or at least I think its him fighting the monsters. I’m not exactly sure because no where in the title does it say that the hero of the book is Paul Revere. Nor does it say that he’s a silversmith or a monster hunter.
Instead, our hero rides around, kicking in doors and shooting werewolves and other monsters.
Despite that one little gaffe, “Revere” No. 1 is quite an enjoyable frolic. The story is framed by a slightly altered version of the famous poem about Revere’s midnight ride that adds a few sinister aspects. Along the way, Paul slices and dices werewolves like there’s no tomorrow.
As the issue wraps up, he foils another werewolf attack, saving Miss Rebbecca Hawthorne from the beasts and one can only expect her to be his future love interest.
Artist Grant Bond, who reminds me of Rick Leonardi with a little better pencil control, really helps set the scene. Doing double duty as colorist and penciller, the whole comic has a moody, sullen feel even though his characters are a bit on the cartoony side.
He’s also done a good job creating the look of Revere himself. Rather than copying Colonial era clothes exactly, he’s stylized Revere to make him look more like Zorro. And most of all, he draws a three-pointed hat that doesn’t look goofy. No small feat if you ask me.
Despite my complaints of its lack of clarity and my snotty attitude early, I think “Revere” is a kick-ass concept. Heck, I wish I had thought of it.
It’s that, and Grant Bond’s energetic artwork makes “Revere” worth my silver.

REVERE No. 1 (June 2006)
“Revolution in Silver”
Alias Comics

Written by: Ed Lavallee

Art by: Grant Bond


Three stars out of Four (Great highly stylized art with a story that would be confusing to some.)


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