A monster identity crisis

August 30, 2006 john@johnsimcoe.com 0

Slave City has He-Man at odds with the ruler of a kobold kingdom where our hero must fight for his freedom.
In the minicomic, the kobolds were purple-skinned muscular monsters that matched He-Man in size, but that’s a far cry from the typical take on kobolds.

The angry baby

August 24, 2006 john@johnsimcoe.com 0

This image was originally created for a feature about collicky babies. The editor thought it was too sadistic looking.The image was created using colore Edit […]

Six Cave Perils

August 21, 2006 john@johnsimcoe.com 0

Monsters aren’t the only thing adventurers need to be concerned about when they crawl down into the pitch-black world of natural caverns. These geological wonders […]

Revere No. 1

August 18, 2006 john@johnsimcoe.com 0

“Revere” tells the tale of a sinister invasion on Colonial America. No, not by the Red Coats, but by Werewolves. Riding to America’s rescue is […]