The More Things Change …

I know you’re getting sick of hearing about my recent move, but I unearthed a few newspaper clippings, one of which I thought was particularly amusing.
The Star-Gazette of Elmira, N.Y., ran a feature article on Monday, August 7, 1989, about how “Comic Books Lure Adults.” The article talked about the shocking developments of “today’s comics” including in a March 1988 issue of Superman “a major character — Police Capt. Margaret Sawyer — reveals she is a Lesbian.” Wooo! The beginning of Lesbian chic!
And another amusing time-warp bit of info: “Most comic book enthusiasts don’t stop buying books until they are well into their 20s.”
Boy, we must be late bloomers, huh?
It also mentions how Iron Man “gets shot in the back by a crazed lover a la ‘Fatal Attraction.’” And guess what? He “loses the use of both legs forever.” (Emphasis mine.) Bwa-ha-ha! Nothing is forever in comics, Mr. Newspaper Reporter from 1989!
So naive, aren’t they?


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