The Great Lakes Avengers get their man

This weekend, I managed to read the “GLX” Christmas Special from Marvel.

Yes, this weekend — June 17-18 — I was reading a Christmas comic. I told you I was behind!

Anyway, the book features a bottom-of-the-barrel team of heroes who struggle to do even the most mundane things.

The group includes:

  • Squirrel Girl: A mutant teen with the powers of a squirrel.
  • Mr. Immortal: A guy who can’t be killed, and he goes out of his way to get every mortal injury he can.
  • Flat Man: He’s a guy who’s flat and looks a lot like Mr. Fantastic.
  • Doorman: He’s a guy who’s body can be used as an
    interdimensional/wormhole doorway. He’s also recently picked up work as
    an Angel of Death.
  • Big Bertha: She’s a supermodel who can get supersized and superstrengthed by getting instantly fat.

Anyway, the group typically only makes appearances in their own
series, usually calling themselves the Great Lakes Avengers. To tap
into the mutant phenomenom, they recently switched to calling
themselves “GLX.”

No matter what they’re called, they’re making a rare appearance outside their own comic in “Cable and Deadpool” No. 30, where they seemingly nab Deadpool for the fuzz.

Is this their shot at the big time? First they nab the merc with a mouth, then …. ?


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