Superman sparks a bout of jealousy

As I watched “Look Up in the Sky” last night, I found myself burning with jealousy. You see, during the show, they interviewed the two screenwriters for the upcoming “Superman Returns” film.

What made me so jealous? These two young guys did. They were responsible for writing a story that became a $200 million-project on one of the world’s most valuable properties and, from their appearance, they were maybe 25- or 26-years-old.  (I checked, one was born in 1979.)

As I seethed, I sat there wondering “Why isn’t that me up there?”

At age 32, I’ve worked in the journalism field for 10 years during interesting times and I’ve had several great free-lance gigs, but what I really want seems to be just out of my reach. Sometimes it’s because I’m afraid to grab for it. Sometimes it’s because I’m too lazy. Sometimes I’m just too distracted*.

I’m smouldering with creative energy and it’s time for me to start reaching. It’s time for me to stretch. It’s time for me to take just a couple of risks.

It’s time I started working, damn it.

* Note to wife: No, dear, I’m not counting you or baby among those distracting things!


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