Meet Spaceman 72

You may remember this post where I talked about my plans to slowly start building a comic-book company.
In it, I basically described how I was planning on building a catalog of characters for use in the Mutants & Masterminds role-playing game. Once I had a nice catalog developed, I could then begin soliciting my creations to creators and financers (really wishful thinking there).
Anyway, my chief goal was to make my comic books extremely kid friendly. With that in mind, I wanted a slightly cartoony look for my characters.
So, as an OK-level artist, I set out to try re-creating the look of “Batman: The Animated Series” for my characters. What I did was buy a few Walter Foster art books that showed me how to draw in that style, and I’m now slowly redrawing each of my characters. Once I get 10 done (and I’m really close), I’ll create the game statistics  for them and publish them in a PDF file for M&M players.
Then I’ll do another 10 …  and another … and another until I finish my catalog.
So anyway, here’s one of my test drawings … a sort of Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type. What do you think?


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