Son of Vulcan’s very own Lex Luthor

Like Lex Luthor to Superman, the Son of Vulcan had his own bald-headed badguy.

His name was Zolotto and he was a tycoon who owned “most” of the world’s gold supply. His first and only appearance was Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds No. 47 (July 65). His unique and enviable stockpile set the billionaire up for a business proposition from the newly minted King Midas, a fellow who could turn anything he wanted into gold.

It wasn’t long before Zolotto was confronted by Son of Vulcan’s alter ego, ace reporter Johnny Mann.
Rather than simply boot the feisty scribbler out on his keister,
Zolotto pulls a gun and kidnaps poor Johnny. That just doesn’t seem to
make a lot of sense, but hey, this was 1965, villains were much simpler

As things always go in Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds, Johnny manages to transform into Son of Vulcan, and as Zolotto is tossed into the klink, the mastermind vows revenge on Vulcan’s bouncing baby boy.


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