‘Lady’ Marvel greets Bolts players with a bang!

Who is she exactly? The Fawcett City Bolts aren't exactly clear on Mary Marvel's name.
Who is she exactly? The Fawcett City Bolts aren’t exactly clear on Mary Marvel’s name.
Fawcett City Bolts in the news!
‘Lady’ Marvel greets Bolts players with a bang!

Brawl erupts after attempted cargo heist

FAWCETT CITY, Mich. — As players for the Fawcett City
Bolts moved into their homes for the season, they were greeted to quite a show as super-hero Captain Mary Marvel mopped up a costumed adversary.
Chone Figgins, a second baseman for the Bolts, said he was hauling luggage into the team’s housing compound when the battle erupted.

“There was this blast of fire that shot through the sky and Ms. Marvel [sic] was thrown up by it. She caught herself in the air and dive bombed in after the guy,” he said.

Marvel was in battle with Trident, a small-time nemesis of The Titans who uses a powered pitchfork. Police later said he was planning to hijack a shipping container from the dockyards near Binder Stadium.

As the battle continued, members of the Bolts squad kept a close eye on the action.

Centerfielder David DeJesus said it was “thrilling spectacle.”

“First he’d blast her with fire, then a ray of ice and then he’d shoot her with an explosive blast. But she took it all. By the end, her costume was smoking and in tatters,” he said. “I always liked Martha Marvel [sic], she’s hot in a Hillary Duff sort of way.”

With a crowd gathering to watch the event, police said that Trident fired several blasts at group which caused part of the compound’s facade to fall, putting some of the players in peril, including pitcher Tom Gordon.

“Lady Flash [sic] saw what was happening and zoomed in. She punched the big piece of building and pulverized it,” Gordon said. “It left a big cloud of dust, but I’d rather get dirty than get smushed.”

Witnesses said that attempt angered Marvel and she stormed through several more blasts from Trident. She then delivered several quick punches, knocking him unconscious.

“I rushed over and gave her my jacket,” said third baseman Rob Mackowiak. “Her uniform was all torn up and people were staring. I mean she may be Mary Marvelous [sic], but she’s about my sister’s age, so I helped her.”

Trident was detained by Marvel until police arrived. An official from the district attorney’s office said charges are pending.


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