Son of Vulcan versus Mars

While Dr. Kong may have been Son of Vulcan’s most insidious nemesis, Mars, the god of war, was essentially his first.

In the court on Mount Olympus, it was Mars who sought Johnny Mann’s persecution. He was the one who demanded that the imputent reporter be struck down.

Zeus would have none of this though, and rather than persecute the crippled human, the God-father eventually turned his ire on Mars himself. The king of the gods banished Mars from Mount Olympus.

This naturally didn’t sit well with Mars, who immediately sought revenge on Vulcan’s charge and hatched plot after plot to either destroy Son of Vulcan or ruin his reputation in Zeus’ eyes.

His plans included creating a modern day King Midas to co-opting the persona of a sea pirate and launching a nuclear strike against Sonny. Alas, none of his plots worked out as he hoped, and SoV continued his crime-fighting career.


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