Mutants & Masterminds … and beyond!

I’ve recently purchased “Mutants & Masterminds — Second Edition” and am eagerly working on my first few character builds for it.

The game is based loosely on the system first devised for third edition Dungeons & Dragons, but just different enough for me to cause a few headaches as I work on a character.

So why am I adopting this game? It’s all part of my master plan! (Insert maniacal laughter here!)

You see, since I was a wee boy, I’ve loved comics. I’ve dreamt of making my own. I’ve longed to run Marvel or DC. I’ve spent years of my life absorbing comics. Some might say I’ve got “comics on the brain.” (Hey … that would make a good Web site name!)

In the last few years, I’ve figured out what my ultimate goal is in comics: To create my own comic-book publishing company populated by my own creations.

I started this dream more than a decade ago, when I carefully cataloged every superhero, costumed character and alien freak I had ever created.

Using Blue Line Pro’s Character Concept Sheets, I redrew every character, added character details, developed themes, designed logos and gave my universe a standard look.

Since I started that project, I have more than 100 characters ready to go to the next step.

And that next step is going to be a “Mutants & Masterminds” project. My plan is to build a”Monster Manual” of my characters for use with the game through the Open Game License and earning an “M&M Superlink” designation.

This “Manual” would probably be published as simple PDF, and put up for sale at RPGnow and similar sites. By publishing it in this format, and carefully protecting my character ideas (as opposed to the uncopyrightable game statistics).

With a professional presentation of the characters in a “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe“-type format, I’ll be one step closer to bringing my heroes to print in comic-book form.

In fact, when I go finally go the step beyond the “Manual,” and prepare to publish a comic book, the “Manual” will be a great universe bible for my investors, writers and artists.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I will build my comic-book empire!


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