Not everything’s a pretty picture

Not all pulp covers were glamorous pieces of art. This one is simply a two-colored, comic-style cover.
I actually looked this one up because I’m still reading Bill Pronzini’s “Mummy!”
This issue contained “Bones” by Donald A. Wolheim, and tells the story of a group of scientists hoping to revive an Egyptian priest who was mummified in such a way that he could be revived.
Unfortunately, when the body is re-animated, age has taken its toll on the creature’s bones, and it collapses into a big pile of re-animated flesh.
All in all, not a very exciting or good tale, considering how much I liked “Eyes of the Mummy,” as I described in an earlier entry.
The February 1941 magazine featured a heap of stories

  • “Dead Center” by SD Gottesman
  • “Lunar Gun” by John L Chapman
  • “Golden Nemesis” by David A Kyle
  • “Resilience” by Damon Knight
  • “Citadel of Thought” by James Blish
  • “Strange Return” by Lawrence Woods
  • “Thirteen O’Clock” by Cecil Corwin
  • “Bones” by Donald A Wollheim
  • “Key To Cornwall” by David H Keller
  • “Out of the Jar” by Charles R Tanner
  • “Devotee of Evil” by Clark ashton Smith
  • “The Abyss” by Robert W Lowndes


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