The Son of Vulcan and the insidious Dr. Kong

The Son of Vulcan’s primary nemesis was Dr. Kong, an asian man with unnaturally yellow skin.  Also known as “The Meanest Man Alive,” Kong was who was a robotics genius. Among his creations were a modern-day Trojan Horse, a huge robot called Giant Gladiator and Adam Klink, a first-generation robot.

Dr. Kong also showed some skill in hand-to-hand combat and even has a theatrical touch for making disguises to hide his identity.

So what was Kong’s beef with Son of Vulcan? Well, in Sonny’s first adventure, our breast-plated hero foiled Kong’s plans in Cyprete. From there on, Kong was bent on revenge.

One of those schemes involved Kong hiding out in a Chinese theater and brandishing a plug-in sword that shocked its victims with each hit.

In that particular adventure in “Son of Vulcan” No. 49 (1965), Kong, with some assistance from Mars, the Roman god of War, was out to swipe a huge diamond shipment. John Mann was on assignment covering the event when he discovered Kong’s plot.

After being taken out by Dr. Kong’s shocking sword, Mars and Kong transported the unconscious SoV to a construction site where they buried him with a piledriver. Seeing his charge’s plight, Vulcan hurled a fireball from Mount Olympus to awaken SoV.

As Son of Vulcan zoomed off to capture the escaping Dr. Kong and Mars, the Meanest Man Alive double-crossed Mars and left him in a lurch.  SoV frees Mars and chases Kong to his miniature submarine, which he disables with his super strength.

With Kong’s submarine sinking to the bottom of the ocean, Sonny leaves the wreckage, the diamonds and apparently Dr. Kong’s body for police divers to recover.

The issue ends with Mars swearing to get revenge on our Roman Regent.

On an interesting note, this issue’s cover blurb proudly thanks comic great Dave Cockrum for his costume ideas. Indeed, Son of Vulcan does sport new duds in this issue — ones that look less superheroey and more akin to a Roman centurion’s — complete with bronzed, molded breastplate and leather-armor skirt.


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