Son of Vulcan: Power plays

Like many of his Golden Age counterparts, the Silver Age Son of Vulcan had numerous powers, which when added up made him into a fairly tough opponent. Still many of his powers were just “add on” powers that every superhero seemed to have.

In his “power supply” was:

  • Weapon summoning: Son of Vulcan simply had to vocalize his desire for a specific weapon, and it would appear in his hand. His selection appeared to be only those weapons available to ancient Roman soldiers. See below for more discussion on this.
  • Fire resistance: As the “son” of the Roman god of blacksmithing, Son of Vulcan was immune to scorching flames and intense heat.
  • Flight: Like a rocket, Son of Vulcan could fly through the air at high speeds.
  • Super Strength: While its infrequently shown, it  Son of Vulcan had some level of super strength.
  • Guidance:  Son of Vulcan was under constant supervision by his mentor, meaning that Vulcan himself would often send him gifts in times of dire need.
  • Instant transformation: Johnny Mann only needed to make a verbal request, and he was transformed into Son of Vulcan.

Sonny’s most oft- used ability was his power to summon weapons from Vulcan’s forge. Among the weapons he’s used are:

  • The Sword of Ulysses: This short sword was styled like a typical Roman infantry sword. It’s properties were unexplored.
  • Vulcan’s fire-hurling sling: This sling was used to pitch (presumably) Greek fire at his opponents.
  • Shield of the Forge: This mammoth-sized shield proved capable of stopping bullets and even able to negate the inertia of heavy blows.
  • Arrows of Hercules: These flaming arrows were used in his attack against a giant, Trojan Horse-shaped robot. They appeared to explode on impact.
  • Unbreakable mace: Actually a flail, this mace was supposed to be impervious to damage.
  • Armor of Vulcan: Even better than his shield, Sonny’s armor was capable of withstanding direct hits from “atomic” shells fired from a Navy destroyer.
  • Various weapons: Also among his weapons were spears, axes and gladiator-style nets.


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