Queens of the jungle … and Ki-Gor too

Tarzan was introduced in the pulps, and the character was so popular that many other copycats sprung up, including Ki-Gor, the character shown above.

Most of the pulp covers featuring Ki-Gor, don’t really feature him at all, but instead, they feature his love interest (sorry, I don’t know her name) tied up with Ki-Gor springing into action in the background.

The “noble savage” archetype is one that remained strong for decades, and has only begun to peter out. What happened? With so little “undiscovered country” across the globe, there’s only a few areas where a noble savage can live — namely the arctic, the ocean and a few jungles near the equator.

Still, if the human race ever manages to jump to another planet where there’s lots “wild space,” the noble savage archetype might be revived once again.

More Ki-Gor info!


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