D6 Space Aliens Vol. 1

West End Games’ “D6 Space Aliens Volume 1” features, among others, four space aliens designed by myself.
Here’s what the promo copy says for the new book:

“With a spaceship, you realize the galaxy is a pretty big place . . .
and it isn’t as empty as some might want it. In this 128-page
black-and-white volume, you’ll meet all sorts of the universe’s
denizens, with unintelligent creatures wielding strange powers, bizarre
humanoid cultures who might be allies or enemies, and massively
powerful threats like hive-minded parasites and energy constructs who
could prove the downfall of humanity. With entries by popular writers
Peter Schweighofer and Steven Marsh, among others, D6 Space Aliens is
designed for D6 Space campaigns but can prove useful in any D6 System

The creatures I contributed are:

  • Basilisks — Giant lizards that lap up radioactive waste.
  • Mareens — Intelligent catfish that travel the stars in mini-mechas.
  • Plasmakells — Dive-bombing firebirds that terrorize frontier towns.
  • Tide Stalkers — Giant-sized sea beasts eager to gobble up land lubbers.

You can find a downloadable preview of the book, including the basilisk
creature I created, at WEG’s website. For West End Games’
preview, visit: http://www.westendgames.com/d6/weg51022samp.pdf

If you can’t find D6 Space Aliens Vol. 1 at your retailer, you can order it as a back issue at the Amazon.com’s web site at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1932867112/102-7996940-8289732?v=glance&n=283155&s=books&v=glance


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