Son of Vulcan No. 5

I just read “Son of Vulcan” No. 5 of the 6-part series, and I gotta say, this issue clinched it for me — I’d like to see more.

Writer Scott Beatty has tied the character in to White Martians and (however remotely) to the original Son of Vulcan.

The general premise:
A sidekick is recruited by Vulcan to train him for
taking on the mantle of world protector. The training is barely
underway when Vulcan is killed, leaving the new sidekick with oodles of
power and responsiblity and no idea how to handle it.
Here are some of my thoughts on the series …

  • Beatty and the artist have also created an amusing troupe of foes, including Witchazel (A witch with fairy-tale like powers), Charliehorse (A Wild West centaur gunslinger), Scramjet (A man in a jet-fighter suit — really interestingly designed), Fishmonger (An undersea trooper) and others.
  • As for the white martians — He’s tied Vulcan’s origin in with the discovery of fire and the
    white martian invasions of the past in a neat flashback sequence. That sequence guest-stars the Specter.
  • As for the original Son of Vulcan — First, he used the image of Johnny Mann as a hologram
    guide. Second, he’s shown us (although not told us) that someone who looked just like Johnny Mann in his Son of Vulcan was part of the line of Vulcans.
  • The storyline started out very weak, but by issue three it really picked up.  It’s never a good plan to try to remake a character in a way that leaves the reader confused at the end of the first issue … and at the end of the second issue.
  • What are his powers? Still being explored, but it appears that he can summon fire, create a fire aura and throw globs of plasma. He also has a cool glassine sword, armor, a secret headquarters, and a Martian space ship.
  • The artist is heavily anime influenced, and it bothered me that for the first four issues, I couldn’t really figure out what SoV’s costume
    looked like. Finally, in issue five, we get a definitive look at his costume.
  • My only complaint is that it should be Red and Yellow, not Blackish and Yellow. The flashback sequence (drawn in 60s style art) also helped me clarify what the costume was supposed to look like.

But still, I can’t entirely say “You must read this.” I will say that if it intrigued you when it was announced, it is worth picking up the other
I would definitely enjoy reading another series.
I’ll also add that I’d like to see this new SoV in a team book soon — whether its Teen Titans, JLA, JSA or some other new group.


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