Why I love Charlton Comics

I’m no expert or anything, but I have become quite fond of Charlton Comics.

  1. One reason I think I’m enjoying Charlton stuff so much is that it’s relatively cheap. I’m priced out of Silver Age Marvel and DC.
  2. “JLU,” both the comic and the TV series, have been doing wonders for the group that migrated to the DCU. The comic has featured stories on Beetle, Question and Captain Atom. A pretty good run for those characters. I’d be happy to see an ongoing Charlton-characters title set within that universe.
  3. I’ve just completed collecting, and reading, the run of “Son of Vulcan.” I hope to provide a review of those issues and the character soon.
  4. I recently re-read “The L.A.W.,” now that I have a little bit more information on Charlton’s characters. It was a decent re-introduction to the characters, but it was a story that would have certainly been better received had it been written 20 years earlier. It came out in 1999-2000, and it was dreadfully derivative. Despite that, I was really impressed by Dick Giordano’s art. His characters have weight. They jump off the page. The anatomy is perfect. No chicken scratches.
  5. I will pick up a Charlton horror title every once in a while. I haven’t read one yet that was very good. I do like the hosts though. They ought to be revived, but not as story hosts. Instead they could be the protaganists (or antagonists) for a new title.
  6. The group of characters DC purchased seems to be: Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade, The Question, Peacemaker, Son of Vulcan and Sarge Steel. That’s a pretty good line-up if you ask me.


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