The New Invaders No. 3 (Dec. 2004)

The New Invaders

Issue: 3 (Dec. 2004)

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Allan Jacobsen

Artist: C.P. Smith

Title: To End All Wars – Part 3 of 3

Cover price: $2.99

I picked up this comic at the Pittsburgh Comicon in the Spring of 2005. I got it out of a “three for a dollar” bin. That, in my opinion, has no direct correlation to a comic’s quality. Just because a comic is there doesn’t mean it’s crap. It just means someone didn’t buy it.

Anyway, this story, the third in a three part arc, shows our heroes battling aboard a battleship as they fight off some sort of robot invasion sent there by the Axis Mundi, a new terrorist organization with ties to Nazism.

Now since I haven’t read the previous three issues, this one doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me, but I really enjoyed the characterization.

The New Invaders consists of Jim Hammond (The original Human Torch who now is just called Torch), USAgent (A deranged Captain America copycat), Namor the Sub-Mariner and a few other characters I know nothing about, including Thin Man, Spitfire, Union Jack and “Tara.”

Of that bunch, Blazing Skull, a blood-thirsty living skeleton, is a hoot. He’s not “cute” funny, he’s insane funny. The rest, including Sub-Mariner and USAgent, were made to be fairly interesting characters.

The art has a sort of “indy feel” to it, but I liked it just the same. Each of the characters was unique looking and their facial expressions and body language were top notch. I’d like to see more of this C.P. Smith!

I had two problems with the book. First none of the backstory was explained. Or at least explained to the point where I could understand it.

Second, the villains kept talking in German. I don’t know German. I can’t read German. Why wasn’t it translated?

Summary: While much of New Invaders No. 3 is lost in translation, the art and characterization is top-notch.


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