Playing dress-up with the “Gilmore Girls”

Originally published August 20, 2005

I really like the writing on the WB’s “Gilmore Girls,” and I was eagerly awaiting the next season. But over the years of watching it (three for me now), I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with one little “Gilmore Girls” staple: The dress-up segment.
It seems to me that practically every episode has some sequence in it where characters don a costume for some reason. Some times the dress up as “living paintings,” sometimes its a themed party, or maybe its a themed festival at Star’s Hollow and sometimes its just a regular party or event (like a wedding).
Anyway, I just watched this years season premiere and they were making it through the episode pretty well without a dress-up in sight when … whammo it’s surprise party for Rory where everyone is dressed up in prison stripes. Arrgh!
I immediately stood up, told my wife “I’m not watching this anymore,” and stormed away.
At least — at the very least — 75 percent of their shows have some sort of dress-up sequence. Enough is enough, Mr. and Mrs. Palladino!


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