The dirty little secrets of the Sivana clan

I was looking through an old Who’s Who in the DC Universe and came
across the entry for “Sivana Family,” a sort of anti-Marvel Family.
Most of us are familiar with Sivana himself, but not so much the rest
of his clan.
Dr. Sivana has four children: Two girls– Georgia and Beautia, and two boys — Sivana Jr. and Magnificus.
Magnificus and Beautia are tall, blond(e), beautiful and rather Aryan looking.
Sivana Jr. and Georiga are stooped, buck-toothed and rather “Sivana” looking.
question is this: Are Magnificus and Beautia actually Sivana’s
children? Are they the product of an illicit affair between the
never-mentioned Mrs. Sivana and someone besides the evil Doctor? Maybe
they were vat-bred designer children. Any ideas whether this was ever
addressed or even hinted at?
The Who’s Who entry says that both the Golden Age Beautia and Magnificus switched sides and actually became
pals with the Marvel Family. It even said Mag was Captain Marvel’s best
As I was reading the entry, I wondered if perhaps Beautia
and Magnificus were the children of Captain Nazi. That’s not the case
since it later added that Nazi attempted to woo Beautia for a while. (I
suppose he still could be their daddy, but that’s a little too creepy
for comics of the time.)
So do any Marvel Family experts have any ideas about this?


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