How Infinite Crisis will end

I think it will end with the revelation that just prior to getting shot
in the head, Blue Beetle was replaced by Hank Hall, who was just about
to become Monarch, who was really supposed to Captain Atom. We’ll then
find out that Captain Atom is secretly in love with Aquaman, who has
secretly regrown his hand, and on that hand is until now unknown
“spare” Green Lantern ring.  With that ring, Aquaman, in an attempt to
make life better for him and Atom, will restart the universe, but he’ll
be confronted by Scarlet Witch, who’s being “handled” by Professor
, who is really a clone of his former self, which has actually
become the host to a Brood egg. When the Brood egg hatches (after the
universe restarts), some Predators will come to Earth and kill everyone
but Danny Glover and Arnold Schwarzenegger. With only Arnie and Danny
surrviving, their comics will be canceled, because no one finds them
all that interesting.

Those cancellations will cause the industry to
dry up, forcing hundreds of talented creators (and some not-so-talented
creators) back into the world of “real” work. Those former industry
officials will move into the “civillian” sector and steal our jobs and leave us homeless and helpless.

It’s a sad story, but that’s what will happen.


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