Son of Vulcan No. 1

I just read the first issue of the new Son of Vulcan. Based on this, I figure it’s worth getting the second issue at least.
My random thoughts on the issue:

  • This
    issue is just a set up to install the “Son of Vulcan” into Vulcan’s
    current role. The problem is that by the end of the first issue, I have
    no idea what Vulcan’s role is. I see that he’s got all these helpers, a
    lot technology and seems to be some sort of watchdog, but beyond that
    … who knows.
  • Floronic Man was a good choice for a villain,
    since he’s one of the few characters who can get hacked up by a sword
    and get better two panels later.
  • Overall this is a VERY STANDARD superhero tale thus far. No new ground, but fun, quality story-telling.
  • Not a fan of the Manga-inspired art. (I didn’t pick up Marvel’s New Warriors mini because of this.)
  • Am a fan of Scott Beatty. I loved his “Batgirl: Year One,” so I was willing to give this a try.
  • This issue is filled with obligatory nods to Charlton Comics. Always fun.
  • I
    can see that these characters could be connected back to the original
    Son of Vulcan. Throughout the issue, Vulcan frets about being able to
    carry on “the legacy,” which could very well be referring to the
    Charlton S.o.V.
  • Knowing from reviews and previews of the book,
    I was driving home from the comic book store wondering what this comic
    would be about. I theorized that S.o.V. would be set up as the
    weaponeer to superheroes in the DC Universe, just as Vulcan was the
    weaponeer to the Roman gods.

From what I read in issue No. 1, that isn’t going to happen. Too bad, that would have been neat.

  • With
    S.o.V. being revived, the Question a big hit on “Justice League
    Unlimited” and Blue Beetle likely being revived 4 months from now, is
    DC setting things up for an all-new, all-Charlton team? That would be


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