Yard sale action-figure haul

The wife and I spend most of our Saturdays tooling around the county
dropping in yard sales. Most of the time, I don’t find much. Sometimes
I’ll find a stray figure or so, but usually nothing too exciting. This
weekend however, was way different.
At one sale, I cam across a box of action figures, selling at “3 for $1” or 50 cents each.
pawed through the box, and was surprised at what I found, and I quickly
had $3 of figures. But there was still a lot more that I thought were
worth getting.
So, I walked up to the owner, and said “I’ve got $3
worth of figures right here. Would you be willing to sell me the rest
of the box too?” As usual, the owner asked me for an offer.
I thought about it and said, “$3 for the bunch I have here, and $5 for the rest.” She thought about it and said OK.
When I got home, I was wowed by what was in there:

  • About 8 figures from the Remco Chuck Norris line.
  • Several figures from the 1980s RoboCop line. (My favorite)
  • Six fuzzy headed Troll dolls (I’ll be tossing those).
  • Bob the Goon from the “Batman” movie
  • Two Lex Luthors. One from the Super Powers line and the other from the 1989 line.
  • Six or seven figures from the Beetlejuice line.
  • Probably 10 figures from the Ghostbusters line.
  • Two
    Masters of the Universe figures from the later part of the first
    series. One was the sword guy from the movie. Another of a black guy.
  • Two identical “Baby” figures from the “Dinosaurs” TV show.
  • One Robotech pilot.
  • Three
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures. One of Usagi Yojimbo (though his
    ears were broken), one of a turtle and one of the villains.
  • Two Bucky O’Hare figures.
  • A CowBoy of Moo Mesa.
  • A Captain Planet.
  • Probably another dozen figures I’m forgetting. (I may ad more to the list when I get home)

if you see my subhead to this forum, you note that it says $8.10. That
10-cents is where the really good part of the day comes in.
At another sale, I was sorting through a small bin of toys that were marked 10-cents apiece. Nothing special, nothing too old.
And at the bottom of this bin?


Yes, Kang for 10 cents. In perfect condition. All that was missing was his accessories. It made my day!


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