Villians United No. 1

I was jazzed to get a hold of Villains United because writer Gail Simone said Cat-Man is a central character.
I rushed out after work and snagged a copy.
Overall, I liked it.
I was of course pleased with Cat-Man’s role. (Though it is “Cat-Man” with a hyphen! Not “Catman.”)
was also glad to see that he’s continuing his connection with Green
. Last we saw him, Thomas “Cat-Man” Blake was working undercover
for The Shade. He had attended Oliver Queen’s funeral. When Ollie got
better, Ollie hunted Cat down and the two “chatted.” (Shortly after
that, Cat-Man was apparently fed to Monsieur Mallah. I’m very
interested to see how that turned out.)
I really liked the art. I love crisp art like that.
wish all the villains that were presented were clearly named. I hate it
when they expect us to know everyone by their appearance. (Even worse,
we were expected to know people by just what their face!)
curious to see if Cat-Man ends up in a new costume. I’m also interested
to see if he gets his “magic” cape back. His “magic” cape is kind of a
crutch for him, and one of the reasons I like him so much.
I do have questions though:

  • I thought Parademons were a military force on Apokolips, not a individual character. Which is right?
  • Who’s this Ragdoll fellow?
  • Anyone
    have a clue on this “Static” person who was ordering around the “Secret
    I suppose its the person they called Mockingbird, but who is
    Mockingbird? (I suspect it’s Luthor, why else would he leave Cat-Man
  • Where’s the Joker? No villain team-up is complete without the Joker.


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