Champions revived

An online friend who’s obsessed with the Marvel team known as The Champions wondered what characters would you put in a new Champions team? My response:
 Elsa Bloodstone,
daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, decides to create a team of adventurers
to explore the world, establish ties with lost civilzations and hunt
down relics.
She taps Hercules and Tigra, both of
whom have been itching for adventures since the Avengers meltdown. Both
are there for the pure excitement of being there.
With his interest piqued by Bloodstone’s mission statement, Black Knight joins the squad, and brings along an old friend, Prime,
who got sucked in from the Ultraverse. Black Knight is there to keep a
watch on all things mystic. Prime is looking for an artifact that can
send him back home.
After reviving from his death at the hands of Scarlet Witch, Jack of Hearts,
an always depressed individual, likes the idea of wandering the Earth,
so he joins. His time on the team shows him the highs and lows of
humanity, giving him new faith in humanity and himself.
who’s grown weary of the X-men’s muddled mission, like the
entrepeneurial spirit Bloodstone shows, and helps fund the team and
joins it as well.
From there, they visit places like Monster Island,
the Savage Land, K’un L’un, Wakanda, Lateveria, Wundagore, Atlantis,
Subterrania, the Ultraverse and everywhere inbetween!


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