My holy grail of toy collecting

I’m 31 years-old now, and I’ve slowly been “recollecting” many of the
toys I had as a kid. The great thing is my cellar has a wonderful
“trophy case” that my wife has given me complete control of.
has allowed me to fill it with all sorts of toys and oddities. Some of
it I wisely retained from my childhood. Others I’ve found during my
time spent going to yard sales and flea markets. Still others (and only
a few) have been obtained with the help of eBay.
But there’s a few things I’m still looking for.
my most elusive “holy grail” is a toy laser pistol I had received as a
kid. I can’t remember how I got it, but it was new. Maybe it was
Christmas. Perhaps Easter. Or possibly a birthday gift.
Anyway, I
grew up in the late 70s through the 80s, so I was naturally a “Star
Wars” nut,
so this laser pistol helped me fuel my imagination.
problem is that this toy pistol wasn’t a name brand gun, so it’s
impossible to find through eBay. So, I just keep hoping I’ll spot it
What’s it look like?
Well, it was white (possibly a
light cream color) with a bulbous barrel. It had a dial on the side
that allowed you to switch between sounds it could make. It ran on a
9-volt battery. In it’s early life, the barrel lighted up with an
orange light every time you pulled the trigger.
The sounds it made
were three variations on “laser” sounds. The sounds were very much
unlike the standard “laser” sounds that come with today’s toy laser
guns. Those sound like alarms, or crashing noises. These sounds were
very laser-y, and meant to invoke Star Wars laser sounds with no
explosions at the end of them.
It was fun to play with, and I miss it.

So what toy do you miss? What’s your “holy grail?”


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